Vue 3, vue-router and typescript

I am using Vue 3, router and typescript. Webpack is reporting a type error on the router-view component.

TS7031: Binding element 'Component' implicitly has an 'any' type.

This is my full component:

    <router-view v-slot="{ Component }">
        <keep-alive max="1">
            <component :is="Component" v-bind="props" />
<script setup lang="ts">

//#region Props
    props: {
        type: Object,
        default: () => ({})

Hi @martiensk
You can try to define the type for the variable “Component”,
since we are using typescript.

How do I define the variable type for something only accessed in the template?

I looked into it but I could not find exact solution, but you can check this link. It might be helpful.
Link: typescript - Is there a way to get the type of a component in vuejs? - Stack Overflow