Vue 3 Reactivity in Props Array

Hello guys, I have a question regarding reactivity in Vue 3. As you can see in the picture there are two components, the base Dropdown and the Users Dropdown. The only problem I see is that in order to receive a reactive options props I need to pass props into toRefs function to actually get options reactive. I tried to console log options before I used toRefs and the result of isRef(options) was false. so there’s a better way to have options reactive?.
Thank you in advance!

Hi, If you mean to change reactively props?, they are readonly

If I understood your question correctly, it’s better to use reactive than ref as ref is good for primitive datatypes like numbers and strings. Whereas reactive is good for non primitive like array and an object

What should I use for Object with primitives and other objects inside + arrays?

With ref with primitives you can do .value, for reactive objects primitives you just do object.prop to get the value, but what do you do for object.insideObject[0]?

How do you access that value?