Vs-input does not change the value

Hello there, Using vuesax I’m facing a weird behavior using vs-input…
What I have?
1 button who call the duplicate method.
Every time the button is pressed, it duplicates the 2 with their values as well.

The code below is working fine, the issue here is when I try to change the values for the new they are still with the previous values…

    <div ref="crearDiv">
        <div class="vx-col w-full mb-base"> 
            <vx-card title="Testing duplicate text">
                    <div v-for="counter in inpuTextCounter" :key="counter">
                        <div class="demo-alignment">
                            <label for="" class="vs-input--label">Text 1</label>
                            <vs-input :id="'inputText1_' + counter" v-model="inputTexts['inputText1_' + counter]"/>                                
                            <label for="" class="vs-input--label">Text 2</label>
                            <vs-input :id="'inputText2_' + counter" v-model="inputTexts['inputText2_' + counter]"/>  
                    <div class="demo-alignment">   
                        <vs-button class="mr-6" type="filled" color="success" @click="duplicate">Duplicate</vs-button>
                        <vs-button class="mr-6" type="filled" color="warning" @click="check">Check Values</vs-button>


export default {
    data() {
        return {
            inpuTextCounter: 1,
            inputTexts: {}
    methods: {
        duplicate() {
            const match = '_' + (this.inpuTextCounter - 1)
            const newMatch = '_' + (this.inpuTextCounter)
            for (var property in this.inputTexts) {
                if (property.endsWith(match)) {
                    const newProperty = property.replace(match, '')
                    this.inputTexts[newProperty + newMatch] = this.inputTexts[property]                    
        check() {
            alert(JSON.stringify(this.inputTexts, undefined, 4))
    mounted() {

The sequence of images:

Press the duplicate button:
Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 12.40.12 PM
Editing the second Tex1:
Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 12.40.43 PM
Checking values and the second Tex1 return its previous value (I do not why):

The second Text 1 wasn’t change but in the model it changes!

Any idea how can achieve this or do a proper duplicate?