Vite vue template creation error

When I try to create a vue app using the following command, I get an error.

How do I resolve this error?

Thank you!

This seems to be an internal bug in yarn not handling command paths with spaces correctly.
and your username happens to have spaces in it.

The correct command should be:
C:\Users\"Isacc S"\AppData\Local\Yarn\bin\create-vite my-todo-app --template vue

cannot run yarn create if yarn is in a folder where the file path has a space · Issue #6851 · yarnpkg/yarn (

Hi @isogunro
May be, you need to upgrade yarn.
I am also doing the same and I don’t get error like this ,may be beacuse i have yarn version v1.22.19.
Try this, I hope this helps.

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I have yarn version v1.22.17. I will update and see if that helps. Thanks!