Visual App Builder for CRUD apps



This is a visual App Builder, which can be used to create virtually any kind CRUD apps. The usual CRM or invoicing app can be created in a matter of hours. A few simple demos are available on the site. More complex applications like PLM, inventory management, project management can be built easily too.

This is how it works:

The App Builder is used to visually design forms in the browser. Forms are stored as JSON in the database. There’s server process running in the background, which loads that JSON and generates the javascript code for the VueJS components on the fly. Each app is basically a collection of individual forms, which are loaded as async components in the resulting app. The background process is also the HTTP server so there are no source code files, no webpack and no need to do anything to deploy - the apps are instantly deployed (locally or on a public IP) and can be modified in real time.

The background process generates and executes SQL queries by analyzing the forms. The App Builder exposes the VueJS API and adds a few methods to load data from the database, but this is optional - apps can be created without writing a single line of code.

FormBolt is highly opinionated and designed as something that can be used even by non-developers - just install, open the browser and start building.

VueJS is awesome and I think this project might be an interesting example of what can be built with it.

Here’s the link:


Linked site gives an error.
Is this tool still available?

Does anyone know of other CRUD form builders for Vue?


Can’t go to the site.