<video> tag in Vue Spa

Hi there,
I have tried adding a small video in a component like the following, this doesn’t work. Please let me know if this is possible and best approach to embedding videos in spa’s.

<video loop autoplay>
          <source :src="'@/assets/path-to-vid.mp4'"  type="video/mp4">
          <source :src="'@/assets/path-to-vid.ogg'" type="video/ogg">

Remove the strings around the asset uri’s.

Instead of this


should be this


Thanks @JamesThomson. For reasons still above my head I ended up having to use


It seems to work now but not 100% of the time. Is there a way of preloading videos maybe to make it more reliable?

Many thanks

Sorry, this was meant to have the src without the :

So, src="@/assets/path-to-vid.mp4"

Which should work (but so should require). Another option is to place your videos within the public folder.

Ah thanks will give that a try. Many thanks