Very disappointing implementation of the framework


This discussion is my feedback on the wonderful framework of Vuejs,. The implementation of the framework is very very disappointing. Please allow me to explain.

(1) App Creation
When you create a vue app, the creation process is done in multiple methods or ways. That is the start of the disappointment. Then comes the result of the creation. The folder structures and contents created by each of these methods always ends up different, confusing and inconsistent.

(2) Plugins
Then comes the nightmare created by the plugins, extensions like router, axios, vuex, pina etc. The implementation and usage also fall in the same trap as the App Creation.

(3) Tutorials
In addition to pains, the people creating the tutorials seem to do so in the same manner. Cannot blame them. They get knit by the problems created by (1) and (2) above.

Why dont the developers of vuejs and plugins make their implementation and usage consistent and standard. That way anyone using it will only use it in one way and that is the standard way. Want an example? Of lets take router for this instance. Do you see the way each one uses it? One defines it the main.js and another defines in a separate file. Each of these methods have different code structures. Yeah i know the end result is the same but structure is different. Look at the variety of ways the tutorials implement them, sigh!

I understand the term “flexibility” but dont forget too much freedom can cause chaos. Please understand, this is just my opinion and view. I could be terribly wrong and appreciate any help to correct my views. Thank you.

whatever you have said is True

The documentation may be extensive but its usefulness is highly questionable. Will a newbie to vuejs every get through using the documentation provide?. The worse is the examples. The way they are shown and the way the tutorial show are way different. This is what can be expected when the framework is inconsistent, overly flexible and does not conform to any standard. These together with messy plugins would make PHP and Codeigniter look like angels which remain consistent with each upgrade and version.