Using Vue.js with Resgate: keeping all Vue.js clients synchronized

This is both a show&tell, and a request for improvements.

Resgate ( is a Realtime API Gateway used to build REST/real time APIs, where all clients gets synchronized seamlessly. And it has a working full example for Vue.js! :slight_smile:

If you want to your Vue.js view to be updated as soon as the data is updated in the backend, then this might be of interest.

Example (Complete NodeJS server and Vue.js client)

Guide on using Vue.js with Resgate/ResClient

Does anyone have any suggestion how the Vue.js example can be improved?
Currently it is using this.$forceUpdate to trigger the update. Maybe this could be done better?

I just created and added a Live Demo of the Vue.js example on

Try it out in different browser tabs/mobile devices. But be nice, you are all sharing the same sandbox :wink: