Using Vue.js components inside Markdown

I wrote a blog post that shows how to easily import .md files inside your Vue.js components, and in turn how those Markdown files can contain Vue.js components themselves.

Find it here: Vue.js components inside Markdown

Is it possible to render Markdown from CRUD, i.e. dynamic markdown on the fly?

Yes, of course, have a look at this:

Of course I mean custom components as well.

You are probably looking for something like this:

But it has to be in <template lang="pug"> or <template lang="markdown">;

Anyways, I’ve found an answer – – i.e. render(h) { return h(Vue.compile(this.code)) }

Or, is there a better option, like Nuxt or something?

Pug is optional. If you take that out, does it work for you?

Yes, thanks.

:+1::+1: That’s really good.