Using Syntax Highlighting in this forum


This forum uses Markdown (including Github flavors) to format its posts.

You can read all about this format here.

Since many people seem to struggle with syntax highlighting, here are a few examples.

It’s actually pretty easy if you know what to do - just enclose your code in 3 backticks ( ``` ), like this:


npm install -D vue-loader

turns into:

npm install -D vue-loader

JavaScript highlighting

```js‘my code’, {
  coolness: 9000,
  callback () {
    console.log(‘called it!’)

turns into:'my code', {
  coolness: 9000,
  callback() {
    console.log('called it!')

HTML / .vue files:

  <h1>My Template!!</h1>

turns into:

  <h1>My Template!!</h1>

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thanks ! :slight_smile: i will edit my post

Vue\Quasar - how to update DOM after changes in object
How to delete a dynamically generated form on click of the delete button based on its ID?
I use mapMutation but it doesn't work.error:unknown mutation type: SET_PLAYLIST

Thanks! :wink:


Thanks, I’m done updating my posts.

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@LinusBorg, just because this is a stickied post, you can add a tiny bit of clarity by indenting your plain text code with &nbsp; spaces (and also escape your own html so you don’t have to format as inline code) So something like this is possible with github flavored markdown.

Fenced Code Block:

    <h1>My Template!!</h1>

Turns into:

  <h1>My Template!!</h1>