Using Dynamic components

Hi I’m trying to use dynamic components in a vue file.
I’m not quite good at English. Plz imagine what i truly means
I have been stduying VueJS until I solve it. :cry: it’s different Vue tutorial and SPC(ex: export default…)
In my case, I have 21 type of components in a vue file but i have to use only one components with specific condition at method.

It’s my template

    <vue-aos animation-class="slideInUp animated fast">
        <component :is="name" :item="item"></component>

I figured out it. If i use dynamic import component in components object it caused error at vue-aos
so i import 21 components.

I know return component name to name that i declared in data
but some component should wrap a swiper or other element
so i want it to edit component template before set name
It can be possible?

i am not quite clear about your problem. so i have provided below link if could be any help to you.

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I solved it using you let me know that link.
I’ve never known i should’ve not used template tag.
Thanks a lot!