Using Browsersync in Nuxt


Does anyone have a Nuxt project that utilises Browsersync during development?

I’ve tried adding this to the build part of nuxt.config.js

plugins: [
      new BrowserSyncPlugin(
        // BrowserSync options
          // browse to http://localhost:3000/ during development
          host: 'localhost',
          port: 8080,
          // proxy the Webpack Dev Server endpoint
          // (which should be serving on http://localhost:3100/)
          // through BrowserSync
          proxy: 'http://localhost:3000/'
        // plugin options
          // prevent BrowserSync from reloading the page
          // and let Webpack Dev Server take care of this
          reload: false

but continually told Waiting for server resources. . There’s less than a handful of things on the web about using Browsersync with Nuxt. Can anyone enlighten me as to where I’m going wrong?