Upgrade vue v2.6.10 To v2.6.14

I’ve already updated VueJS v2.6.10 To v2.6.14 but I don’t know if it impacts the current system. Could you help me answer it :grin:

Hello welcome @khoiphan,
NO, it will not impact your code.
according to the change logs you should be fine.
for more information please go through this link:-Releases · vuejs/vue · GitHub
Hope this will help you.

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Oh, Thank man, I’ve already read the change log. But I’m not sure about the impact. :smile:

npm use semantic versioning. When updating to a new version and the first number is the same, the changes should be backward compatible, so there should be no problem updating. But mistakes do happen, so one can’t take it for granted.

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Thank for your info.