Updating my Vue project to a newer version

Hi all

I am super new in Vue and in general with SPA technologies (only been working with it for a week) and I will be working my way to become a professional in the framework in the near future.

I’ve got a task ahead of me which I will be looking to an existing vuejs project which operates in version 2.5.16 and CLI version 4.2.2 and the goal here is to update it to 2.6.11 and CLI 4.4.0

My first question here is, how to update it correctly without damaging anything or mismatches between the files? Is there any guideline, tutorial to read about how to do it correctly?

My second question is, that I’ve also have been looking into Quasar and it seems as a cool framwork to add to the solution. Would anyone recommend using it or are there other better options? If I would like to use to the existing project, is it then just an “installation through terminal” or are there other things I need to keep an eye for.

Thanks in advance

About first question:
for updating you just run

npm update <package name> 

It will affect only files in your node_modules directory, not files of your project.
I heard that vue gives back compability among such versions, for details you can check release notes

Hi Michael

Thank you very much and sorry for the late respons. Nice to know it’s simple and easy. I have not started this task yet, but I believe I will in the near future. Once I do, i’ll bump this thread with a feedback about how it goes!