Updated State of Vue.js is coming in February 2019


Hi there!
Just like a year ago, Monterail teams up with Evan You and Chris Fritz to release the updated State of Vue.js report in February 2019!

In this edition, we want to give you a better understanding of how other devs use Vue. And we need your voice to make it happen.

Here you can read the full info with the link to this year’s survey.

Last year, we collected 1,126 responds and now we expect this number to be higher. The survey is more technical and focuses more on how devs use Vue, than on why.

PS: If you want to get straight to the questions, here’s a direct link to the survey.


Interesting! Survey answered and shared among colleagues. :slight_smile:


Thank you!



Wow, that was the best survey experience I ever had :slight_smile:
Well done!


Thanks Andris! Great to hear this :slight_smile:


Typeform does amazing surveys, indeed.


Best part of the survey:



Love that GIF too ) Should be an emote in this forum :smiley:


Using that one frequently at work now a days when approving pull requests and such. :grin: