Update data within 2 compoent

I have an array of object, then each object are being used with 2 components
My problem is, How can make it happen to reflect the updated data to the other component and vice versa?
I already use $forceUpdate used if condition and uses key but still update is not being updated.
Is there are available solution to make 2 component uses single data but still can listen to any updates?

But as what I observe the data is being updated in both component it just not updating the view

On this image I updated a selection, now this is another component

Now after updating, the data should be reflected on this list of items

Can someone give me an Idea on how to solve this problem?
Also tried using watch for item.rooms but still no good.

I see an error on my code, the reason my is it not updating because there are missing properties which is not present upon update. But still Im open to the new way of handling data within components with only one base data object, I use :item='object_data' to reference object.