Unable to use v-model on ckeditor 4 for vue

I am working on a vue project with a simple form that sends data from bootstrap-vue form components b-form-select and b-form input and ckeditor two way data binding works perfectly for the two components but not for the ckeditor.

    app.js:57676 [Vue warn]: Error in callback for watcher "value": "TypeError: Cannot read property 'getSelection' of undefined"

        found in
        ---> <Ckeditor>
                     <NoticeForm> at resources/js/components/admin/dashboard/noticeForm.vue
                       <Dashboard> at resources/js/views/admin/dashboard/dashboard.vue
                         <Index> at resources/js/views/admin/index.vue
                           <App> at resources/js/views/app.vue
        warn @ app.js:57676
        logError @ app.js:58935
        globalHandleError @ app.js:58930
        handleError @ app.js:58890
        run @ app.js:61611
        flushSchedulerQueue @ app.js:61353
        (anonymous) @ app.js:59031
        flushCallbacks @ app.js:58957
        app.js:58939 TypeError: Cannot read property 'getSelection' of undefined
            at CKEDITOR.dom.selection.getNative (ckeditor.js:449)
            at new CKEDITOR.dom.selection (ckeditor.js:447)
            at a.CKEDITOR.editor.getSelection (ckeditor.js:444)
            at new CKEDITOR.plugins.undo.Image (ckeditor.js:1123)
            at CKEDITOR.plugins.undo.UndoManager.save (ckeditor.js:1117)
            at a.<anonymous> (ckeditor.js:1113)
            at a.d (ckeditor.js:10)
            at a.<anonymous> (ckeditor.js:11)
            at a.CKEDITOR.editor.CKEDITOR.editor.fire (ckeditor.js:13)
            at a.setData (ckeditor.js:279)`enter code here`

In any case, you should not use v-model on ckeditor, even if successful, it will cause a huge performance overhead.
The data of ckedit should be obtained by calling editor.getData() method before submitting the form.