UI / Front-End Software Engineer (remote - all levels of experience)

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Cofense, a leader in the cybersecurity industry with a mission to stop phish, is actively hiring User Interface / Front-End Software Engineers. Candidates must be US-based and comfortable with and capable of 100% remote work. We use Vue.js with TypeScript and maintain our own design library and shared component library.

As a UI/Front-End Engineer at Cofense, you will contribute to web-based user-interfaces across our entire suite of products. You will join a highly collaborative team that meets as a group every week to discuss what we have learned on our respective projects and determine how we can all apply these lessons across the company’s entire suite of products. As a company-wide team, we have developed and collectively maintain and evolve our internal design system, shared component library, and various utility/tooling libraries for use across all our products.

UI engineers have a prominent place in development, not only on the front-end of all our applications, but also in the design of the APIs that drive our UIs as well as the design of the applications themselves. Our collective work as one large UI team to ensure consistency among all codebases gives us the freedom to move between our applications. As a UI engineer at Cofense, you will be called upon yourself to work to unite all our applications for the benefit of the users (UX) and the developers working on and moving between these projects (DX). Our highly efficient onboarding process will help you get to a place where you can contribute something of value to shared Cofense UI projects by the end of your first week, as well as to your initial application project’s codebase by the end of your second week.

We are looking for multiple front-end engineers of all levels of experience. The level you assume as a Cofense employee will be based on your experience, demonstratable knowledge of our tech stack, and knowledge of front-end development fundamentals.

Your Opportunities as a Cofense UI Engineer

  1. You will be a member of the company-wide Cofense UI team which makes you an owner of the web-based interfaces for all the company’s products focused on stopping phish.
  2. You will have regular opportunities to shape the direction of our internally developed design/shared component library along with the extensive set of quickly evolving shared UI tooling.
  3. You will have a key role in shaping the experience for our users across all products. We have a saying at Cofense: “If you see something, say something.” This applies to all of us, especially our UI team. If you see an issue during development or recognize a better path to delight our customers, you will be empowered to bring this concern up, and your expert advice will be respected by the product team.
  4. Opportunities to evolve as a UI engineer will be encouraged by your manager and the organization. We understand how important it is to keep current and leave our comfort zones.
  5. Participate in development of any user interface project at Cofense. We have worked hard to ensure consistency among all our product codebases, and you can benefit from this by taking part in the development of any project that appeals to you.
  6. Take time off as you see fit, without worrying about vacation allowances. All engineers have unlimited paid time off. Additionally, the company offers a generous number of sick days and company holidays. 401k matching and health/vision/dental coverage are also offered.
  7. A monthly telecommunications stipend, along with various wellness benefits.
  8. Active participation in a community of professionals that works tirelessly to fight back against malicious actors in the technology space.

Desired Knowledge & Skills

  1. Excellent understanding of JavaScript as a language and its ecosystem, especially as it relates to front-end development.
  2. Proficiency in HTML and CSS with knowledge of web standards, advanced layouts, accessibility, and responsive design.
  3. An understanding of HTTP and RESTful API design. Bonus: experience with JSON:API.
  4. Ability to maintain a test-centric approach to development to ensure code quality and ease of maintenance.
  5. Excellent understanding of browser security and performance.
  6. Comfortable at the command line and with utilizing Git commands.
  7. Longstanding familiarity with the JavaScript community – you stay on top of current news and changes to the language and framework landscape.
  8. Passionate about user experience, building modern interfaces, and collaborating closely with Product Designers.
  9. Constant desire and eagerness to further develop your skillset.
  10. Ability to mentor other developers across the company, identify process issues, and propose changes to ensure the team is working as efficiently as possible.

Apply at https://recruiting.ultipro.com/PHI1008PMINC/JobBoard/2bfae9ff-dc34-4867-b871-a579eae69b54/OpportunityDetail?opportunityId=9a64d354-2a40-468d-a914-c066bd65fd94. (Ignore the job description in the application title - HR has not updated the posting yet, but will soon. I’m the hiring manager, so ask any questions you might have.)

Please, no recruiters


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