Turn any JSON into Vue 3 tables!

Our tool turns almost any JSON into well code Vue 3 data tables. Even complex, nested structures are handled. For styling, you can choose from Bootstrap, Tailwind, and vanilla CSS.

I welcome criticism, so please share your opinions. I especially looking for negative opinions, so if any feature is missing, anything is annoying, or even if you find the idea ridiculous, please write it here.

Hello @agabor It is a nice tool works great. You should continue on many more features. Like displaying image in table, merging, exporting to csv/excel and pdf. But what you have done so far is great. :+1:

Hello @AddWeb_2012 ,

Thank you for the feedback! Displaying image is indeed a good idea. What do you mean by merging? Merging cells?

Hello @agabor

Merging data means. entering data with the same schema and handling duplicate scenarios. And also if you implement excel or csv import merging is also an issue.