Todo app starter project (Vue 3, Vuex, Local Storage )

Hello Everyone!!
Please have a look to the “todo” app that is made up by vue + vuex
There is no backend, it uses Local Storage and vuex state management
Here are some exciting feature to make your work easy…

  • Data persists after refresh
  • Add, delete, update(change from todo to done)
  • Reorder tasks
  • Remove all
  • Doesn’t allow duplicate entry

The application is WIP, we will add some more extra features in it.
Please share your feedback.

In order to check it, you can clone the project and run npm install or yarn
Then run npm run serve or yarn serve

Or if you want then there is a live demo here. Click here
And the github repository link


@AddWeb_2012 Your project is helpful, Thank you

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Hi @AddWeb_2012 it is good example for working without back end too.

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Love it! What would be the best way to reorder the cells? Also, I would LOVE to be able to move the cells around into a hierarchical tree.

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Ok. It’s good idea. Nice and easy.
But I would like to suggest to make syns between tabs. Why? For example you have two tabs. You add new task in first tab, after add task in the second tab you’ll have a problem. So, it’s ease and you spen 10 minutes, but it’s good expirience
Good luck guy

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Hello @Imaginativeone thanks for your comment, It is updated with cell reorder functionality