"text/html" instead of "text/x-template" as script type possible?

Is it possible to use <script type="text/html"> instead of <script type="text/x-template"> for DOM templates and still avoid the caveats described in the documentation?: https://vuejs.org/v2/guide/components.html#DOM-Template-Parsing-Caveats

I am defining a DOM template in a Razor file (.cshtml) in Visual Studio, but to get full intellisense for Tag Helpers I have to use “text/html” since that’s the only thing Razor supports (source: https://github.com/aspnet/Mvc/issues/5059)

Have you tried just doing it?

Yes and it seemingly works, but I have not yet used it for any of the caveats.
It would just be nice to know upfront if it matters which script type is used, or if Vue expects “text/x-template”.

I’ve been looking for pretty much the same thing 5 years later (2022) using type="text/x-template" and found Evan’s reply on Github.
TL;DR " Just give the <script> tag an ID:"

I believe the script type doesn’t matter much to Vue but to the browser to not expect JS code in it, to not parse and “escape” content, and allow the use of textContent or innerHTML to read the content as markup.
I’m not sure whether misusing script is just a pre-HTML5 method before there was an official <template> element to do virtually the same. I’ve yet to find the technical differences of both.