Text adventure game with VueJS


Hi all :wave:

Last 3 months I worked on a text adventure game. I am not a great coder (actually I am a designer), but that was a great pleasure to learn VueJS.

Please try my little game, any feedback - highly appreciated.

Be aware, may contain 18+ content :stop_sign:

Play with 9 Daemons :video_game: :fire:

Play with 9 Daemons :video_game: :fire:


buahah that teddy was scary you can really do some epic sheet on top of that
Maybe you got the code on github?


Thank you for feedback :relaxed::sunglasses:

Yes, I really want to add really “epic sheet” =)) Like medieval psychotherapist demon showing Rorschach test’s pictures, then Steve Jobs/Bill Gates/Elon Musk bio-inspired life, then something medieval like 300 Spartans warriors, or even futuristic anti-utopia in black mirror style. There is a lot of space for creativity :crazy_face: :woman_scientist: :alien:

What do you mean by code on GitHub? If I used code from there or if I can share code that I badly wrote?


I thought you could share the code so others can take a look and learn something


That’s a good idea cordix. It could be open source text game engine :slight_smile:

Originally, I am a designer and content writer, so my code a little bit dirty, poorly commented and documented. You can find comments like “Sorry doc, I have no idea why I need this line here”.

I am calling my code - “Vuejs bad practices”, but actually everything works :face_with_hand_over_mouth: And I didn’t found bugs yet. Just few things could be improved