Swiperjs Slider in Vue 3 (with Nuxt 3) does only autoplay on reload

I’m using a Swiperjs Slider in a Vue3/Nuxt3 Component. The data is received via a prop from its parent page.

Everything works well but the slider only autoplays after I reload the page. All the other options of Swiperjs seem to work fine. Any ideas? Maybe I need to load the Swiper earlier somehow?

This is my Swiper Component (I leave out the CSS):

// Import Swiper Vue.js components
import { Swiper, SwiperSlide } from "swiper/vue";
// import required modules
import { Autoplay, Navigation, Pagination } from "swiper";

// Import Swiper styles
import "swiper/css";
import "swiper/css/pagination";
import "swiper/css/navigation";
import "swiper/css/autoplay";

export default {
  props: ["werkBilder"],
  components: {
  setup() {
    return {
      modules: [Pagination, Navigation, Autoplay],

      delay: 5000,
      disableOnInteraction: false,
    :style="{ position: 'unset' }"
    <swiper-slide v-for="(item, i) in werkBilder" :key="`slice-item-${i}`">
      <prismic-image :field="item.bild" />

The parent is a dynamic page and created like this:

<script setup>
const route = useRoute();
const name = route.params.uid;
const { client } = usePrismic();
const { data: werk } = await useAsyncData(name, () =>
  client.getByUID("werk", name)
if (!werk.value) {
  throw createError({ statusCode: 404, statusMessage: "Page Not Found" });
const page = werk.value.data || false;
const werkBilder = werk.value.data.slices[0].items;

  <div class="container outer-werk">
    <div v-if="page" class="container-werk">
      <slider :werkBilder="werkBilder" />
    <NavWerk />

It’s just so weird because all the other swiper functions work. Maybe it doesn’t load the Swiper fully because it is internal routing? Any ideas?