Subfolder img missing after installation vue cli, vue routeur and vuex

dear all,
I have followed a tutorial
if you play from 21min37 seconds the video, you will see that there is three subfolder in “dist” folder: “css”, “js” and “img”.

When i have installed vue cli, vue router and vuex. everything was fine, no error message but …
in my Dist Folder, i have “CSS” and “Js” as subfolders but no “img” subfolder as it appears in the tutorial.
is that normal and daes it matter? If it is a problem, how can i fix it?
Thank you for your precious help.

vue cli reference a logo image by default, you may remove it.

// src/views/Home.vue
<img alt="Vue logo" src="../assets/logo.png">

If no images are referenced in the project, the img folder will not be created.