Strange question


In this code, as you can see:

everything is ok and there is no problem, but when I run the code in Visual Studio Code and Visual studio, the result is just a logo of Vue:

Why does this problem happen?

The back end is Core.



Here comes the console:

Hello @lingo1357,
this log seems not to be the same as the repo you linked in the sandbox.

It shows an error in

  • a tui-image-editor module
  • a Home route in the router

that are both not mentioned in the sandbox.

I’m not sure what is going wrong in your local environment.

But I also want to mention, that in your sandbox the calls to the API fail - and they cause errors themselfs, e.g. the getList call on mounted() fails on response.json() as there is no JSON response to parse. So you might want think about additional proper edge-case handling as well while you’re at it.