SSR micro framework to make micro frontends with VueJS and so on

Hello @all,

My associate, David, has developed an SSR micro framework to make micro frontends

We think it is complementary to most usual JS frameworks such as VueJS and we would love to grow this tech, as VueJS did (Yes, we are VueJS fans :relaxed:)

We already founded the company Link Society, but we don’t know how we can go further with social and financial issues

Would you help us?

David & Jon

Interesting topic. I am new to both SSR and micro frontends, but I am familiar with the concepts. The hardest thing is to communicate clearly the goal of the framework. Given the relative novelty of microfrontends, you might also need to educate potential users, why to adapt these concepts at all, and why to use them in this combination.

One thing (amongst many) that made Vue great is the exelent documentation, and that they manage to communicate to all levels of developers. They actually have great guidelines on GitHub about how to write good documentation. It is really recommended reading for all open source project leaders.

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