[solved] In render option value prop not accepted under domProps

Is the documentation incorrect?

cause if I pass the value:<myvalue> via domProps: as in the documentation it throws an error, but (as I had before) I put it under just props: all is fine

If docs are incorrect well then they need to be fixed. If not then Vue (2.6) needs to support value prop under 'domProps` (or maybe both places for deprecated support)

Please provide code related to your issue. Without it, it’s hard for us to help. You can refer to our guide on asking for help for more information. Thanks!

I didn’t provide more details cause if you know about render you know what I am referring to.

That said below is my “code” which is not going to help.

if I provide

{props: {value:myvalue}}

it works

if I provide

it says I have a missing value

Looking at the quasar API for the component in question I wonder if they didn’t move the value from domProps to props? In which case this is not a vuejs issue.

  makeElementOptions () {
      // https://alligator.io/vuejs/introduction-render-functions/
      // https://vuejs.org/v2/guide/render-function.html#The-Data-Object-In-Depth
      if (!e.props) e.props = {}
      e.props.value = this.values[e.key] || e.default || '' // TODO set based on valueType
      let options = {
        class: e.class ? e.class.concat(' ', e.type) : null, // TODO accept array or object
        attrs: e.attrs,
        style: e.style,
        props: e.props,
        domProps: e.domProps,
        // domProps: { value: this.values[e.key] || e.default || 'bogus' }, // TODO merge in domProps from schema
        on: { // events
          input: (value) => {

Sure we know what you are referring to, but there could be something in your code that is causing the issue… such as the fact you are using Quasar.

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so short of making up an example is it true that the value prop is supposed to go under “domProps” and not “props” (assuming I am not rendering someone else’s component) or is the doc incorrect?

Here from a two year old tutorial they use domProps. So is that still true on 2.6?

I’m going to cross post this on quasar forum in case the devs there can comment.

Yes the quasar framework changed the location of value prop. So everything is illuminated.