Slack community

We are building a new Slack community for VueJS developers, at, where we can discuss in real-time. Feel free to send me your email and I’ll send an invite right away.



How about the existing Gitter room?

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Some of us like Slack more :slight_smile: they have desktop and mobile apps, it’s easier to handle I think.

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I’m aware of one slack community that already exists:


Was not aware of it and probably many others like me.

It’s not an “offical” community, came across it by chance and thought to mention it here …

So… which of the Vue Slack Teams should I join?

Hey @radutopala, Could you please send me an invite to the slack community(
To this email

Hi, Could you please send me an invite, my email:

Hi there, can I get an invite on marc75klein(at)

hi there. can i get an invite sent to me: bhuvidya(at) - cheers!

add me please:

Interested in joining the Slack community. - thanks!

Hi there, can I get an invite on

Hello, it would be awesome if i can get an invite also. :smiley:

add me please:

Add me please:

Please add me:

please add me: ----jnarowski-at-gmail-dot-com-----

one delicious invitation for me please: