Site header and footer - Vue components or HTML?

I am migrating a SPA web site from Backbone.js and debating if I should use Vue components for the Header and Footer or use plain HTML. The header/footer are not currently reactive.

Using components is very convenient but I am unsure of the performance impact, if any, of making those into components.

Could someone critique my posting and let me know if the subject is too pedantic for this audience?

I am struggling to understand why I have never had a response to my posts. Perhaps they are too simple?

You should definitely create components for header and footer.

It wont make any impact on performance at all. But that will make your main app file cleaner and on top of that you will have separate files to manage header and footer content with less mess in main vue file.

Hope this helps!

Thank you very much! Yes, I love the separation of files, the performance question was my only concern.