Should I use the API with Axios?



Hey I want to ask about using the API for some project I want to create
Should I use API for portfolio website ?
And how about a small project for apartement rental I want to create , should we use API from a axios for this?


What are your concerns?


I see two questions here:

  1. Difference between Axios and API?
  2. Should i use an API in my app, but you could have asked it should i have a backend for my app(portfolio/rental)?


  1. Axios is a promise based http client for a browser (google search will tell you that).
    You use Axios to communicate with an API, or should i say to consume some API’s endpoint. Hope we
    have sorted that out.
  2. This is a telling question… Portfolio is usually static, so where is the need for a backend service. Rental app
    will definitely have a need for some backend service depending of you needs and business logic.

Hope this helped some.