Setting publicPath with Vuetify loader and a-la-carte


Hello community!
I’m using Vuetify plugin. Its default settings includes Vutiefy loader which tweaks the Webpack settings to automatically add only necessary Vuetify modules. But i need to manually change ‘publicPath’ variable in my Webpack settings.
Before using Vuetify loader I was able to do this just by making vue.config.js file in my root foolder with content like this:

module.exports = {
    publicPath: '/ppa/',

Now, if I do this and run npm run serve console is responding with right home URL, but the page is blank!
As far as I understand Vuetify loader is overwriting and breaking my settings in vue.config.js, and the goal is to chain webpack config from Vuetify and my local settings. But I’m don’t understand how to do this!
Thanks in advance!


Problem fixed - I didn’t know about Vue Router base directive.