SEO Optimized pages


We have a site that is built and rendered with vue.js. The site is good and pretty fast and responsive, but I have just been informed by my SEO team, that the site has been built quite poorly from an SEO point of vue (I mean view!). Google is not indexing the page contents correctly, and neither of our SEO tools can render the dynamic markup.

This is the site in question (, if you view the page source, you will see that is basically has no markup, its so clean! But that I think is the question! Should it be that clean?

We kind of inherited the site and I don’t have vue experts! So our knowledge is a bit limited! And I need some guidance to help my existing devs to fix it for me!

How can I go about ensuring these pages are optimized for search engines, so that google for example can render the html, in particular the body tags such as h1 and body text. Is there packages etc that we need to install to make it work, or are we missing a big trick here?

I am assuming the solution must be relatively simple, as vue.js is such a popular framework, but this site relies heavily on SEO, and there is lots and lots of category landing pages etc that we need to optimize, and a badly written website with poor SEO, is not much good to me!

Any help/guidance/information/links you can share to help my devs would be greatly appreciated!


maybe you need use Server Side Render, like nuxt.js.

Create your meta tags with ‘vue-meta’:

It’s part of Nuxt, but you can use it without Nuxt in a plain vue-cli app.

Also, one thing you might think about is prerendering for SEO bots. Netlify offers this right out of the box – and it works great (in combination with vue-meta): Prerendering | Netlify Docs

If you can’t use Netlify, you can always use or set up your own prerendering server: GitHub - prerender/prerender: Node server that uses Headless Chrome to render a javascript-rendered page as HTML. To be used in conjunction with prerender middleware.

Seeing as you’ve adopted this project it sounds like SEO was a bit of an afterthought, if you can’t use SSR (likely due to the cost of implementation), consider pre-rendering your pages. I’ve used in the past and had good results.