Running vue in powershell just gives an error: Cannot find module '... \cli\bin\vue.js'

I have searched everywhere for a solution to this problem but cant seem to find a fix. I have uninstalled @vue/cli and re-installed however everytime i try to run the “vue create app” command it just gives me the following error: Cannot find module ‘C:\Windows\System32\node_modules@vue\cli\bin\vue.js’
I have checked and vue cli is getting installed in: AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules@vue.

Is something cached somewhere in npm? How do i fix this?

So I have tried to re-install node and npm completely from scratch (including deleting every directory on my machine that includes NPM and NODE) but when i type: “vue” into powershell/cmd, it still tries to find Vue in the wrong path which is: ‘C:\Windows\System32\node_modules@vue\cli\bin\vue.js’. I have even searched in registry and cant find anything. This is really strange…

The only solution I have been able to come up with is to copy the folder “AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules@vue” into “‘C:\Windows\System32\node_modules” and then it works. This isnt really ideal though as everytime I update vue-cli, i will have to manually copy the files.

Hopefully someone can come up with a better way of getting around this or why it is even happening in the first place.

Thanks, I had the exact same problem and this solved it. It’s not the best solution, indeed, but is the only workaround I’ve found