Router problem on demo webserver folder structure

I am developing some offline terminals for an exhibition. I have already created some applications with vuejs, but so far without router.

Now I want to use the router and have some problems with my desired setup discovered.

There is a CMS available online. the export of the CMS, json and media files is synchronized in the morning when the terminals are started.

I thought I could put this export in the “static” folder. When I start the application with a local http server it works just fine.

The problem is, if I put the applications to show it the clients on our server, the application is e.g. in When calling, the url goes to, which was expected. Of course, there are no paths to media anymore. How can I get the applications to use the path / … for the media.

ok, I added the property in vuex fpr the path to dem static files. works!

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