Room Configuration Component


I wish to get a component created which can take input

Number of Rooms
Then based on number of rooms they can select number of adults and children for each room. They should also be able to delete rooms.

For an example you can check



This should be pretty easy to achieve and I will be happy to create a fiddle for you in the morning but I have a question? What are you doing exactly and do you know vue at all? Maybe you should read the documentation.


Hi, Thank you for your reply.

Yes you are correct I am using Vue for the first time.

I am developing a website here:

I look forward for your help.




Could you have a look at it?


I’m sorry I totally forgot. give me 20 minutes to get something together.


Thanks a lot.


Anything for me?


What about this?


Looks really good. I can do the styling


Can we have it such that when some one selects no of rooms and we show them initial setup as such : -


No of rooms: 2
Room 1
Adults - text
Room 2
Children - text


What is your skype ID? I think we can work together on several things.


I’m not looking to work directly with anyone as such. If you need any help I will be happy to help if I have time.
Mark as solved. thanks


Thanks Man! You saved my life.


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