Responsive web application

Can anyone help me to get how can i make my web app look responsive?? what are the ways ?

Hello @Asavari271
You can make Responsive web application using -

Using vue-mq

First you need to open your terminal and navigate to your existing Vue project directory. Then, run the following command:

npm install vue-mq@1.0.1

Next, with your code editor, edit your Vue project and import the library:

import VueMq from 'vue-mq'

Define your custom breakpoints when registering the plugin. Keys are breakpoints and values are in pixels:

Vue.use(VueMq, {
  breakpoints: {
    sm: 450,
    md: 1250,
    lg: Infinity,

In this example, three breakpoints are defined. sm for “small screens”. md for “medium screens”. lg for “large screens”.

You can also name your breakpoints after devices or anything that make sense to you:

In this example, four breakpoints are defined. A mobile , tablet , laptop , and desktop screen size.

Vue.use(VueMq, {
  breakpoints: {
    mobile: 450,
    tablet: 900,
    laptop: 1250,
    desktop: Infinity,

Hope this helps