Rerendering and fetching data from API

Hiii… I create pagination using vuejs…
In my Pagination task I create one vue component…
I try to fetch data from zomato api in action and dispatch the same action in my component

In that I fetch data and with help of mutations i store that data in one state…

while seeing output in browser once the data will show than if i refresh the page data is not displaying… what is the exact issue? can you guide?

Please provide code related to your issue. Without it, it’s hard for us to help. You can refer to our guide on asking for help for more information. Thanks!

You need to persist your state or fetch the data again. Javascript on the client side has no cache. Once you refresh the page any state will be gone.

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<span style="list-style:none;float:left;padding:0 20px" @click="display(max);pagination(max,max+2);">{{max}}</span>