Remove use strict after webpack compile

How to do I remove “use strict” after webpack compilation? because it doesn’t work in IE11 saying “Multiple definitions of a property not allowed in strict mode” error. I’m using laravel-elixir-2. Thanks!

I think it would be better if you would resolve this error that webpack reports. Somewhere in your code you have object with duplicate keys and it’s not allowed:

var obj = {
  property1: 'value',
  property2: 'value',
  property1: 'value',

The problem is I don’t have any idea how to find this, I’m not even sure if I really have duplicate properties. Do you have some tips or anything that can help me find it? Thanks.

Hey, I’m having the same problem after updating my vue-router to use webpack code-splitting, this error happends only on IE, not in chrome…

have you solved this?

Just had the same error and IE is not very keen on exposing what property exactly. Just for my future self when this happens again:

It’s undebuggable in dev mode due to the whole file being eval’ed. The only way to reliably get the property in question was to build the app for production, then open the app in IE. You find the dev tool will mention something like 1:1234. You just open the JS file, go to the position 1234 and that will be the culprit property.

This solved my problem, IE 11 error