Registering same component multiple times in main.ts under different name and pass data to them

For context:
in our application we work with a lot of dropdowns and these dropdowns have a lot of returning actions. we created a global component for the dropdown itself, nothing to hard, basically a button and when you click it the possible actions appear.

For thes actions we also created 1 component and made it globally available (just showing some text and icons based on the property “action”

app.component("bx-dropdown-action", DropdownAction);

this works as intended but everytime we use the component we have to pass the property “action”

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could register this component multiple times under a different name and pass some data for the “action” property while registering.

for example something like this:

app.component("bx-dropdown-activate", DropdownAction, { action :'activate' });
app.component("bx-dropdown-deactivate", DropdownAction, { action :'deactivate' });
app.component("bx-dropdown-delete", DropdownAction, { action :'delete' });

I don’t know if it’s possible yet, I couldn’t find anything in the documention or in google searches.

I know I can have similar behaviour by creating a component for every action and extend the base component. But I don’t like creating all these component with little to none functionalities, because everything I need is inside the base component.