Recommend me a theme for nuxtjs that is not bloated and can be minimised in files/code used

Hi all,
i want to redo my website using nuxtjs using a number of addons such as nuxt-i18n and nuxt/content.
With my goal to get a perfect score on google page speed insights and core web vitals for desktop and mobile.
It would be great if i could use a prebuilt theme, as i am limited on my available free time. I really want to just have code that is being used by my site.
But all the themes i have found so far are bloated. They are usually built for a number of frameworks and have everything packaged so i cant seperate just the parts i want/need with ease.
So a theme with everything seperate into their own components without just using the whole boostrap package would be great. Without bootstrap would be even better. I do like element-ui, but i can always just add that on, the bits i need.
So, does anyone have one they can recommend?
It is for a professional SaaS website.