Reason not to use the composition API?

I’ve been using vue for a few months now, and I love it. Well, I have like a love-hate relationship with it, but I wont give up. The thing is that it seems like nobody uses the composition API, and I ONLY use the composition API. Am I in the wrong? Should I not use it?

If you google ‘vueJs onMounted’, google thinks you misspelled and only shows you links for ‘vuejs mounted’. It’s really hard to find informations for the composition API. You get no hits containing ‘onMounted’…

Even the vueJs documentation seems to let the composition API asside. And while we are at it. Why is google ALWAYS orienting me towards vue 2.0 documentation? I really feel like I’m missing something here. Are there people still using vue 2.0? Is there people NOT using the composition API?

Plese help understand what’s going on. It’s really frustrating and I code, here, all by my self. I don’t have people around to talk to and get advice.

The main problem is that the time I save using a framework like vueJs, I spend it trying to figure out how to do things in a propper Vueish way.

I would really like to know what people think about all this… :slight_smile:

Lots are using Composition API; and I’m mostly utilising it in all components and new projects now.

There was a comment made by Evan in the RFCs that his recommendation for best practices in Vue 3 is to utilise Composition API where possible, and Options API is more related for backward compatibility and migrated apps.

Might be worth joining the VueLand discord channel - there’s a channel allocated to Composition API, and you’d be able to get answers you need relatively quickly there.

As the composition API (CAPI) is something “new” I’d recommend to include it into your search queries, e.g. “vue composition api onmount”.

Once you started doing that for some time your “google bubble” might pick up on what parts of documentation / stackoverflow topics you are actually seeking and over time stop giving you only the v2 results by default.

Sidenote: I’m using Quant as my search engine (out of privacy reasons) and have no issues at all finding the necessary (but true, sometimes a little hidden) documentation details on the new composition api WHEN including “composition api” in my search term.

And I can only second @w3jay in saying keep up using CAPI - it is only a matter of time before it is the “new default” and once it is you’ll already have adapted to it.

ok. thank you for your reply. I’ll check into the VueLand discord.

Abernh, I didn’t realise we could ‘teach’ google how to answer back.
I’m glad to hear I’m on the right track with the CAPI.

Have a good day!