Problem to change from "mode: hash" to "mode: history" in vue-router

Hello, guys,

I’m having a problem to use vue-router in “history-mode”.

My local server is running on localhost:8080, so my app.js are fetching from http://localhost:8080/app.js when it’s running in “hash-mode”, but when I changed it to “history-mode” my app.js start to be fetching from http://localhost:8080/profile/app.js.

/profile/ is the first part of the url that my app opens…

I’m running through the same issue with my favicon icon, that are in public/img and uses the base_url (href="<%= BASE_URL %>favicon.ico") in index.html to be fetch.

Somebody already pass through the same issue and/or could help me?

I’ve not encountered such behaviour when using Vue Router. Which version are you using?
Can you share config/code examples or a repo you are working with?