Problem in writing in .vue

I am having problem in writing in .vue file that it is asking me to indent all the texts .
How can i ignore this indentation problem

Can you be a little more detailed in you’re description?

It sounds like a problem with you’re editor, so maybe tell us the editor and plugins you use.

When you generated from a template via vue-cli the used template would be helpful also. :wink:

My PhpStorm and the vue-webpack-Compiler very diffent ideas of how my JS code should look :joy:

what i did is copied html text into template tag along with script and style and pasted in a .vue in another project when i run my application i throws indentation error !!

Visual Studio Code -> install 2 extensions -> Vetur + Prettier and then click Shift+Alt+F on Windows or Cmd+Alt+l on Mac in your editor, it will do it for you.

I am writing my code on sublime text

I think by default the eslinter expects 2 SPACES for indents. Configure sublime for vue/javascript files to use spaces and indents via 2 spaces. For code that you paste in, you’d need to format that code or fix the indentation as people use different indentation. Sublime may have an “auto indent” feature to fix that automatically for you.

Now i am getting unexpected token error , i cannot resolve it

I am also interested in solving the problem. Thank you for your inquiry.