PreVue - All in One Prototyping Tool for Vue Developers



Hey everyone,

PreVue is a electron application built with Vue that can be used to easily prototype your Vue application architecture and then export your code once you’re satisfied.

I am a full stack developer that was recently introduced to Vuejs at a meetup and have been using it increasingly ever since. At that meetup I met many other developers that were interested in learning Vue as well. Naturally we ended up having conversations about some of the issues that developers face when building single page applications such as unnecessary refactoring.

Some of us ended up came together, and after some brainstorming, we came up with idea of contributing to the greater Vue community by building a tool for developers that would allow you to design a mockup of your single page application that would then be able to export it as a fully functional Vue application.

And that’s how PreVue ended up being started.

Our goal for this project was to give Vue developers and designers the tools necessary for creating clean, organized, and intentional code from the beginning of the development process, but we realized it’s also a great tool for new programmers to learn how a front end framework works as well.

Here is the Github.

I’d be happy to hear any feedback on the project, regarding documentation, how to use, what we used to create it, etc.

If you like the idea, please give it a star :slight_smile:

We’re still under development and will be adding new features to make developing in Vue as easy as possible.

It’s open sourced so contributions are welcome. Happy coding!