[Paid] I'm searching for someone to finish a project



I’m searching for someone to finish a project that I need to be finished as soon as possible.

It’s a very small project (Fitness e-commerce) that I started recently but can’t finish because I’m overbooked with work these times. The big catch is that it needs to be finished by Sunday of this week.

Most of the components are already done so there is’nt much work left. What you’ll need to do is:

  • Add a Product Page
  • A Login Page
  • An Admin Page (CRUD for Product)

I’m willing to pay 400€ (100€ by page and 200 for the Admin one) if the job is done on time. The design is pretty much done so it only needs to look like the rest of the website.

I’m doing the backend by myself so if there’s any data you need for the components, you can mock them.

It’s pretty urgent so please contact me as soon as possible if you’re interested. Do the same if you need any more information.



hi, i’m interested in this project.i am a front-end remote-developer, i can start it as soon as getting the initial code.You can contract me with email by allenwangyu0311@gmail.com . I hope i can help you.Best wishes!



I just sent you an email.


The required knowledge you are looking for I do have an expertise would you like to discuss in details about the project needs.


Email Ianradnor088 (at) gmail (dot) com

Skype live ( : ) ianradnor088