Pagination help - Laravel

I have a laravel backend ( and a Nuxt front end (

I have a pagination page set up and functionality works except the user leaves page and goes back they are back to pagination page 1 since nothing in the url changes

The pagination links from Laravel are as it should be all go to the so it does all the calls in the background as expected, shows the new records sets when you navigate using the
<<. < 1 2 3 4 5 > >> paginator

But i need help / understanding how to get the query / params to be referenced in the address bar so a user can return to where they were if they click on a record in the pagination results

I did google and all i found was blade templates, which is no use since i am not using blade (front and back ends are complete separate entities and know nothing about each other

Any help, insight, ideas would be greatly appreciated.