Page scrolling only with drag

I’m new using VUE and I’m in love with it. I’m testing many of VUE’s features developing a demo website and now I noticed a strange page scroll behavior. Usually, the web pages can scroll vertically just pushing it to the top; the page scrolls up and ‘decelerate’ until to stop. But not mine! To scroll my pages (on mobile) I need to drag it to the top. If I remove the finger touching screen the page stops. Suddenly.

I suspect there is some old jQuery plugin (I’m going to remove all jQuery to have a full vue oriented website) but I’m not sure.

At same I use vue-transitions having slide in/out.

Do you have any suggestions to debug it?

Here the live demo I’m workin’ on: my site


On desktop (Chrome and MacOS) it works nice.
On iOS it doesn’t work.

It’s a CSS property you need to apply when using overflow scrolling.

-webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch; // Allows smooth/flick scrolling

Thanks. I’m checking it… to understand what makes the conflict. Thanks for suggestion James!