Onlne agile games in Vue.js

Hi All,

I need to ask for help in the help forum, so thought I’d pay back by sharing what I’ve been doing with Vue.js for everybody’s interest.

I’ve been building online versions of agile workshops using Vue.js, socket-io, node.js and mongodb. This allows attendees to play games on their browser which updates the state of play in real time. It’s reallty engaging for online sessions (we’ve played games with attendees from all across the globe) and was pretty quick to prototype and build in Vue.

The “flagship” game is No Estimates, based on a board game invented by Matt Phillips. Here’s a blog on a recent game we played What We Learned from Taking Agile Workshops Online, and here’s the actual game if you want to have a look/play -


The concept sounds very interesting, but I think you need to add some explanation how to play =)) I tried for a few mins to understand - and didn’t succeed

Hi, cheers for trying :slight_smile:

The game does need explanation, and facilitation - it’s a bit complex - and is best played with quite a few people; 4 teams of 5 is a good number. Happy to go through in detail if you like.

What I wanted to mainy show, tho’, is how it’s possible, well, pretty simple, really, to build very complex and engaging games in Vue.js that are as good as thr real thing…

Yes, I totally understand this, I made few games with VueJS by myself :slight_smile:

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