Online component generator for Vue 3


We have created an online component generator for Vue 3. It is available at and the source code is at

The idea is that it lets you input a JSON example data (any complexity), and it infers the types needed to represent the given data. Using these inferred types it will generate a Vue 3 application to view or edit this data.

There are multiple layouts to choose from: card, accordion and table. There are also multiple modes: viewer, editor and form. These can be set in any combination.

The generation is real time, meaning, that you see the JSON code and the generated application side-by-side. As you edit the JSON data the application is instantly regenerated (which is barely noticeable). If you edit the data in the generated application, the changes are also reflected in the JSON code.

The generated application is of course downloadable and freely useable.

I would really be thankful if you would share your opinions with me about this project.