Offering: VueJS docs translation into German


me (and possibly a friend) are interested in translating the VueJS documentation into German. There is zero material in German (no blog post, no Github repo etc.)

So I wanted to prepare the first step for Vue’s success in Germany.

Now where could I start? And is this even wanted since I don’t see any other translations on the site?

Thanks for the help!

Same goes for Vue Router and Vuex, of course.

Hi @PascalAOMS, usually translations are done by simply forking the repository on GitHub (you can also host the translated version directly via GitHub pages).

Would the finished translation be represented on the official site or would I have to distribute it myself?

I am not quite sure which files to edit.

Should I fork the branch gh-pages and translate everything in the v2 folder and the index.html in root?
Or should I fork the main branch and edit the .ejs + .md files?

Never worked with GitHub Pages so please excuse my confusion.